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Dental Tourism in Turkey

Esthetics Dentistry

1:teeth bleaching: Bleaching is the process in which a special gel is put onto teeth and a light source is applied to accelarate of reaction. Before bleaching, decays and inflammations, if any, should be treated properly. Lack of brushing, colorant nutritions such as tea, coffee and etc., antibiotics or some teeth therapies may cause color changes on teeth. In our clinic we obtain at least 2 tone whiteness in two session by using opalecence xtra-boost including 37 % hydrogen peroxide..

2:Zirconium: Porcelain crowns that are prepared on zirconium base which can stand up to 950 megapascal pressure per centimeter, provides more esthetical results. They are materials which has light permeability very close to natural tooth and they provides profunduty and liveliness. In our clinic we prefer state of the art zirconium in order to get more natural view for teeth previously treated.

3:Laminated Veneers: This can be applied for patients who has teeth with different level and color, those who has spaced teeth and the ones who is not satisfied with their teeth color. They are thin plates with 0.5 mm thichness. They are fixed to teeth by special and strong adhesives. It requires very limited cutting. Since our dental approach is to protect the teeth and provide dental esthetics, it is the therapy we frequently use and recommend..

4:Porcelain fillings: Alongside superior esthetics, also maximum contact with neighbouring teeth is ensured with porcelain fillings prepare in laboratory. This is because filling is prepared not in mouth, but in laboratory environment.

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