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Dental Tourism in Turkey

Prosthetical Dentistry

Prosthesis is an artificial material that provides patient with chewing, talking etc. functions and esthetical aspects that has been lost for different reasons. Prosthetical operations that we perform in our clinic is as follows:

1: mobile prosthesis: Applied when teeth loss is excessive. The functions that were lost are reestablished by arranging teeth on a Ni-Co alloy frame structure. The anker (herhalde anchored) and telescopic crowns that are used in our clinic, removes esthetical problems that occur in mobile prosthesis.

2: porcelains with metal support: Crowns that are obtained by stacking up ceramco porcelain powders onto ceravital metallic alloy are applied in our clinic.

3: porcelains without metal support: Porcelain crowns that are made onto zirconium base, empres crowns and laminated veneers are this type of porcelains. They meet esthetical and functional requirements better than porcelains with metal support.

4:prosthesis on implants: We can meet the esthetical and functional requirements at ultimate level by prosthesis applications on implants. We can prepare single tooth or bridge on an implant and also provide patients with fixed prosthesis comfort with full prosthesis system on an implant.

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